Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #10 Comic Book

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #10 Comic Book Cover

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #10 Comic Book

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Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #10 is a comic book published by DC Comics in August 1990. The issue is titled “Gothic: A Romance, Volume Five: Walpurgisnacht” and is written by Grant Morrison, with Klaus Janson as the penciler and inker.

In this issue, Batman is on the trail of a serial killer who is targeting Gotham’s citizens. He discovers that each victim has a unique skill or knowledge that the killer needs to move forward with his obsession. Bruce Wayne attempts to get his name on the list, but it leads to disaster. Meanwhile, Mr. Whisper, the mastermind behind the murders, is killing off mob bosses one by one. Batman frees himself from the deathtrap Mr. Whisper left him in and makes his way to the Gotham Cathedral to confront the mastermind. At that moment, Mr. Whisper is awaiting for midnight to strike so that his plan can be finished. The young girl who claims to be a nun is taken by Whisper, who wants her to be the first victim of the plague when it is released. Batman appears and chases down Whisper, with only minutes to spare. The two men confront one another and leave the woman at the Cathedral. Whisper goes to the building’s basement to get a vial of the plague and use it on Batman, but his plan fails as Batman has come prepared with a rebreather. The fight continues into the subway underneath the cathedral, until they are standing on the tracks. A subway train approaches and only Batman is able to jump from the tracks. After the train passes, Whisper, still alive, leaps from the tracks and breaks Batman’s left arm. Batman sprays Whisper with Mace and Whisper grabs Batman, forcing him to stand on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. Batman flips Whisper into the train and dodges the train himself. While Whisper is taken to the next train station, Batman climbs to the belltower, where he removes the clapper and prevents the bell from breaking the glass and spreading the virus. Immediately after this, Batman calls Alfred for assistance. A few minutes before midnight, Whisper returns to his low rent apartment, where he is shocked to find the young nun. Whisper confronts her, but he soon learns that the woman is in fact the Devil himself, who has come to claim his soul and take him to eternal damnation.  Used.

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