Should I Buy Original Paintings or Digital Art?

     When you buy art paintings or put together a unique collection, one should consider all kinds of medium.  It's not so often that different mediums come to exist in art and a whole new world tends to miraculously appear.  Different movements may come and go more frequently than technological advancements tend to.  As of late, we have been experiencing just that though.  A brand-new universe is upon us to explore thanks to the digital age.      

     Digital art is a form of artistic expression that utilizes modern technology as a medium to create artwork.  It encompasses a vast array of techniques and styles.  These can include digital painting, digital illustration, 3D modeling and animation.  One distinct feature of digital art is its versatility and accessibility.  Artists can work with a wide variety of tools and software to bring visions to life.  The medium allows for endless possibilities in color, texture, shape, and form.  This feature allows artists to fully experiment and push the threshold of traditional forms.

Merle Rosen Mixed Media Artwork Photo

     One key advantage of digital art is in its flexibility to be easily reproduced and shared with a global audience.  Unlike traditional art forms of original oil or acrylic paintings that require physical materials and can be limited in quantity and distribution, digital art can be easily stored, manipulated, and shared online, making it accessible to a wide range of viewers and collectors.   When comparing value, however, this can be a great disadvantage due to the ability of a particular piece to be mass produced in large quantities, thus lowering its rarity and scarcity in the marketplace resulting in a lower price point.  When you buy original oil paintings or buy original acrylic paintings directly from the artist or a high reputation gallery, you can be rest assured that only one exists for the most part.  Digital art does provide modern artists with additional opportunity to connect with other artists and create online communities to share concepts, ideas and inspiration.  

     In conclusion, it is up to the buyer to decide what medium they prefer to collect based on their preferences, enjoyment and estimate of future price growth expectations.  Though it may appear traditional art has grown stagnant, digital art has proven to be dynamic and constantly evolving to push boundaries of creativity and innovation.  It can offer both artists and collectors the ability to explore technologically advanced ideas and visions in new exciting ways.  As technology continues to advance, digital art will undoubtedly continue to grow and evolve.  For some of us, however, nothing will ever compare to the traditional use of mediums our favorite artists of old used and grew up with.  Please visit and browse through our various artworks for purchase when buying art for your unique collection today.